The young educated, goal oriented Malawian woman, who is she?

In Malawi we tend to stereotype when it comes to our women. Yes although it’s tough, we shall be the first one to admit that our society has generally given women a back seat and has viewed them only useful in the kitchen, bedroom and for raising kids.

In the instances where we find some ladies do well, whether it has been in the academic field or professional careers, the grapevine will usually tell us that the certain lady’s success has not come about entirely because of her intellect or competencies or good performances in class or at work, but rather from being competent and performing well in a certain activity clearly not academic or work related.

So is this true? Are there no brainy and highly capable young women in our country, who are more than up to the task of contributing positively to the social and economical development of our beloved Malawi.

This is a call to all my Malawian sisters with dreams and ambitions, but because of prejudice and stereotyping you have been looked down upon and never given a chance to be heard, speak out and make a contribution to your country.

Subsequently, if you are out there join us and show the nation that you are just as good as any man and deserve to be given a platform to express your ideas , air your concerns , be awarded your full rights and gain the respect that you deserve.

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