By Andrew Kamwambi
The Life Changers Ministry church of Lilongwe yesterday organized a youth talent exposure show in order to expose and uplift the numerous talents the youth within the church have.
The talent expo show featured poetry recitals, drama sketches, music performance amongst other activities that characterized the day.
The show really lived up to its expectation, even though the audience was not that much but what was interesting was the very fact that performers were giving out their whole making this event a success but also fun to be part of.
However, it was Mike Lulanga who stole the hearts of many with his dramatization of Christ’s crucifix.

According to the Communications and Creative Director, the talent expo is an initiative aimed at not only exposing talent from within the church but also those from other denominations that may wish to be part of this event.
“We have tried to incorporate youths from other faith groups, so that we have a pool of talent but should also be able to visit other youth groups in our quest of promoting youths talent whilst also sharing the gospel” he was quoted
This is the second time the youth talent show is taking place, the inaugural show took place last month and it is expected to be an ongoing project.

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