The Malawi Government is taking every effort to stop the peaceful demonstration. In Lilongwe Chiza Mbekeani is reported to have sought an injunction from the High Court in the night stopping the demonstration. Consequently, government has deployed swarms of Police Officers to arrest the demonstrators. Every corner of the streets in Lilongwe has Police visibility. Eleven organizers have been arrested by Police as at 6.300am.

In Mzuzu, the situation as at 8.10am is different. Demonstrators are assembling freely at Katoto Stadium. However, over 50 Police Officers have assembled at one corner of the Stadium and demonstrators are on one corner. Reports indicate that the Police in Mzuzu are helpless because they do not have copy of the Injunction issued in Lilongwe last night by Chiza Mbekeani. The result is that neither group has taken action so far.  Mr. Pempherani Dziko reports that 15 demonstrators in Mzuzu near the market have been arrested and there is a scuffle.

Chiza Mbekeani is a son of First Secretary at the Malawi Diplomatic Mission in New York. It is therefore obvious that he has been sponsored by the Malawi government.  President Bingu Mutharika has organized a Public Lecture at the State House in Lilongwe to collide with the demonstration. And throughout the week the public media; Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) both radio and Television have been parading Traditional Leaders to speak against the demonstration. And at noon yesterday, four ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) blue one tone trucks drunken and drugged with “chamba,” Indian hemp were young men armed with machete or panga knives

A lawyer among the organizers in Blantyre confirmed that the demonstrations are on regardless at7.26am. There is Police heavy presence at the Clock-Tower in Blantyre.  It is reported that there are many Lawyers at the Clock Tower in Blantyre who have challenged the Police to show them copy of the Court Injunction. Consequently, some of the Police have returned to their offices to get copy of the Injunction. However, other demonstrators are already assembled at the Blantyre District Commissioner office. Rafik Hajat one of the organizers claims that his organization is not among the organizations listed on the Injunction sought by Chiza Mbekeani.

At Chimtheche in  Nkhata Bay, the Police are moving in a vehicle stopping citizens from the demonstration. No arrests have been reported as yet.


In Kasungu, the whole town is quiet with shops closed as if it were a public holiday.

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