By Joshua Morishu – FaceofMalawi Reporter

A young parliamentarian for Machinga North Atupele Muluzi who is son to Malawi’s former  head of state Dr Bakili Muluzi says the republican country of Malawi needs young leader to follow world wide trends.
Muluzi aunited democratic front(UDF)member of parliament who is adeputy leader of the party in parliament said this recently in Blantyre and Rumphi districts in two separate political rallies the party conducted.

Muluzi further said he will declare soon whether he will contest as UDF presidential candidate. Cited united states of America’s president Barack Obama and Britain’s David Cameron as countries led by young people.

He further said Malawians been isolated for its poor governance citing with drawn of aid and attributed this old aged people leading most of African countries such as Mozambique,Malawi,Zimbabwe.

He therefore said as a young member of parliament nothing can deter him from running this country and said time is up for all old aged people and pave away for new blood to lead Malawi so that it should come back to its original glory.

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