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Question Malawi Cichlids Breeding Like Bunnies

My Malawi tank has produced about 30 babies since JUNE! Needless to say my tank is getting a smidge over crowded. I’m considering getting another tank but if they keep going at this rate, a second tank is only a temporary fix. Any suggestions on what I can do with the babies? I’ll give them away to a good home but I have no idea how to go about finding people locally who would want them. Any advice would be appreciated.
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I had the same problem the solution presented itself for me luckily. I tried advertising them om kijiji and got a decent response from good people who wanted to provide homes for the fry. A few wanted to use them as feeders but they were easily weeded out. One person led me to our local aquarium club meetings. Most clubs usually have mini auctions etc. I have found those to be a great way to home your fry as well as make a bit of $ for fish food or whatever. Ask your LFS staff if they know of any clubs in your area. I hope this helps and kudos for providing an environment where your fish are comfortable enough to breed so readily.

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