We, the Concerned Citizens of Malawi, would like to express our concern over the government’s stifling of debate over the issue of Homosexuality in this country. We particularly cite the government’s recent unilateral decision to suspend anti-gay laws. We question this selective application of the law for the following reasons:

• There are other laws such as that pertaining to the Death Penalty which still remain in force and yet have not been selected for suspension. We seriously question the Government’s reason for this selective bias.
• There is no global consensus on the issue. In democracies like the United States, certain states such as Texas retain the Death Penalty and the Republican Party espouse traditional values as a matter of principle and oppose same sex unions. Yet, the Government of Malawi is taking a dogmatic approach and moving towards concluding on the matter without the participation of the general public. We are aware that the subject of same sex relationships is contentious and Malawi should not be made the exception.

• There appears to be an invisible hand influencing the position of government on the matter
• Malawians are being stifled from engaging in debate on the matter
As citizens of this country exercising their right to religious belief, we believe that Homosexuality runs counter to God’s created order for the family, and that major religious texts contain no affirmation
of homosexual activity.

We believe that homosexual conduct is out of harmony with God’s purpose for human beings; and that it is in violation of religious and social norms and are aberrant and deviant behavior.

In view of the above, we the Concerned Citizens of Malawi demand the following:
• The Government of Malawi to immediately lift the suspension on Gay Law and encourage debate on the issue
• The Government of Malawi desist from making unilateral decisions without the consent of the citizens in Malawi.
• Members of Parliament engage with their constituents before debating the issue in the National Assembly.
• That the issue goes to a Referendum as a way of engaging the citizens of this country in this debate
We the Concerned Citizens append our signatures to this petition in support of these demands:

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  1. The ones advocating for this are hiding on the HIV and AIDS leaf my point is this “Society or Instotutions in Malawi have never before sidelined groups privileges because such and such is contrary to the law,our brothers and sisters friends have gone mad for smoking and drug use we have all attested to this but that has not stopped us from having hospitals to treat such people in mental hospitals and indeed the fact that some people are practicisng homosexuality and are denied treatment shouldnt be a cause for change of laws because then the problem is the Ministry of health staff and not the laws perse so what these agents of destruction will have to advocate for is just like what we have in Zomba and not repealing of laws.You can see in my example of drug usage that even others minorities have advocated for the same in case of chamba on grounds of religion which is a consitutional right,that has not necessitated change of laws but theyre still smoking and others mistreated when seeking treatment therefore the fact that people are denied treatment dont mean that laws be changed or suspended,
    Democracy is about upholding the views of the majority is this talk about majorities?cant we as a country do our things,today they say majority tomorrow minority.The issues is a national one and for parliament to takle this matter will be disastrous for us so this is a matter of referendum and not for corrupt people to decide.
    Government should start to put real priorities on the table how has this issue managed to out compete the poverty we have here,many people are driven into homosexuality because of money we have people in the ghettos that are doing this young men who were good and once they start hanging out with foreigners youll see them changing this is time to go Science and Maths and not gay why is it difflucult to make education compulsory but gayism?why must we be concerned with individuals who at their own will decide to do the obvious in unobvious way that will lead to them perish?why must parliament finish our valuable resources on non priority issues?
    Government should come our and tell us who they present the people out there or few capitalists somewhere because without even a debate it’s a forgone conclusion that the gay issue doesn’t hold in Malawi
    The Att General should stop personalizing national issues that should come as a stern warning A.G says the suspension is to allow pple to fully debate thats nonsense and taking Malawians for granted cause even when the so called Dictator Bingu was alive people were debating the same and how do they suspend the law is this a household or a nation?That act is unconstitutional
    There are alot of people in majority for that matter that are neither gay or so that as am speaking are dying due to lack of access to the ARVs,this is the new warfare that cant be easily seen by myopic leaders to understand issues,


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