Can all politicians camouflaging themselves as civil society leaders please stop the pretense and join the political league where they ordinarily belong.

That is what Reverend MacDonald Sembereka has decided to do.
The former Executive Director of the Human Rights Consultative Committee is rooting to run in parliamentary elections for the Mangochi Central constituency on the People’s Party ticket.

He is currently canvassing for support in the constituency to win primary elections to confirm him as the party’s candidate.

President Joyce Banda is helping Sembereka, who is working as one of her special advisors, by throwing parties to political agents and chiefs from the area.

The recent are the parties she has been throwing during this festive season.

However chiefs from the Mangochi Central constituency were the first to be summoned to Chikoko Bay some four months ago to be told that they had to support Sembereka.

They returned with brown envelopes and protruding tummies after having been given a life time feast.

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