Malawi’s Minister of Justice Ralph Kasambara on Tuesday dismissed Vice President Khumbo Kachali’s call to revive a police case involving leading consumer rights activist John Kapito.

Kapito is the man behind the January 17 mass protests against the high cost of living following IMF forced reforms that the Joyce Banda administration adopted.

Speaking at a political rally in Lilongwe on Saturday, Vice President Kachali called on the Minister of Justice to revive a case involving Mr. Kapito but without indicating which case.

But in early 2012 Mr. Kapito was arrested on allegations of illegally possessing foreign currency, a case that was eventually dropped by the police.

However, Mr. Kasambara told the media he cannot take such a directive, saying it is baseless and one of those things people say at political rallies.

“We don’t think this was a directive. Directives to our ministry comes through a memo and not utterances at a political platform,” said Kasambara.

“It is not the wish of the Joyce Banda administration to victimize all those having political opinions or having dissenting views.”

The call by Mr. Kachali is seen by many as his second biggest blunder after he ordered the removal of hospital beds from a central region clinic to the north where he comes from.

Such blunders have forced many to speculate that there could be a major shakeup as President Joyce Banda is expected to announce her running mate in the 2014 elections

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