Centre for human rights and rehabilitation(CHRR) executive director Undule Mwakasungula has condemned president Joyce Banda’s decision of leaving the issue of minority rights open for debate saying majority of Malawians could go against gay marriages.

Mwakasungula went on to put it in black and white that,he is committed to fight for the rights of the minority until gay/lesbian marriages are legalized in Malawi .

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  1. as Mwakasungula is working hard,we will also work hard to make sure that these marriages are not legalised here in our warm heart of Africa.

  2. stop sodomising you p’ple malawi was once regarded as a countrey of fearing allah.nw mr director where are you draging our paridise country? Plz think highly of it.money its the source of all evils. let us not sell our forefathers culture an believes dont forgate that,it was the same money that lead to the death of jesus christ.:MR DIRECTOR PLZ IN CAPTAL LATTERS I SAY DO NOT MISLEAD THE MALAWIANS ABOUT THAT STUPIDITY PRACTICE OF MATANYULA.:


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