Government wishes to inform all civil servants and the entire nation that it has decided on a remuneration package which it is ready to offer to civil servants who have been picketing for enhanced salaries.

The remuneration package that Government is ready to offer civil servants is reasonable within the prevailing economic conditions and is intended to ensure that the progress towards economic recovery remains on course while addressing the legitimate expectations of civil servants.

While this is a delicate balancing act matching the demands of civil servants with available resources, it is the intention of Government that the dispute over salaries is resolved amicably and expeditiously so that Government institutions restore full services to the general public.

It is with this good intention in mind that Government regrets the non-availabilit­y of the Civil Service Trade Union (CSTU) Negotiating Team in the last few days to conclude the negotiations, despite Government providing full logistical support to facilitate the presence of the CSTU Negotiating Team in Lilongwe.

Government wishes to call upon CSTU to approach the negotiations with the seriousness that they deserve by availing the negotiating team as soon as possible.

It is the view of Government that failure to conclude the negotiations with continued unavailability of the CSTU Negotiating Team, will lead to public suffering, loss of business and potentially needless loss of life through non delivery of medical services, among others.

Government expects that CSTU will take immediate action, as a measure of goodwill, to call off the Civil Servants Strike if their negotiating team continues to be unavailable for final negotiations with Government.


19th FEBRUARY, 2013


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