As the country’s economic situation continues to deteriorate, so is the health of President Joyce Banda.

The pressures of the office and the challenges besetting the country seem to have serious effects on her medical condition.

A state house insider close to her revealed that these days her BP is irregular that she is now being exposed to regular check ups to manage it.

Three days ago doctors visited her at Sanjika Palace where they conducted a comprehensive check on her to identify the root of the problem.

The problem is, according to the insider, she does not heed medical advice to rest and minimise on travel.

According to the insider lack of rest and stress from the pressures attending her office are affecting the stability of her BP.

In the wake of her health’s deep, some members of her family have been imploring on her to retire in 2014.

However some PP gurus oppose this, saying it will not give the party time to identify and sell another candidate.

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