The newly appointed deputy ambassador to RSA Mrs Chrissy Kamanga Kalamula is not Malawian. She holds a full South African passport.

Messages coming to the whistle-blowers have uncovered the appointment was fast tracked after Mrs Kalamula relentlessly posted links in support of Joyce Banda on social media.

From a reliable source. Note: If you want to dispute this story, simply attach her Malawian Passport here. She was at Our Lady of Wisdom in Limbe, Blantyre between 1982 to 1986 and was staying in Limbe railways but she is not a Malawian.

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  1. ….This story is not true,she is a Malawian & the father worked for National Bank Of Malawi, please check before you write such nonsense……!! mwatumidwa eti nsanje bwanji ?

  2. It is possible because our president is in a hurry when conducting state matters. She does not know the seriousness of these things.
    She is not fit for a high office.

  3. She is a malawian that is for sure. The President is not in a hurry. We do have Zambians in the embassies sent by the former regime, one is at the Malawi mission in Washington, the father was Special assistant to our late president. The guys had a full a zambian passport and changed to Malawian, he came straight from Zambia where he was working to go to the USA, he never even paid any tax here. The wife is full Zambian and the US embassy was refusing to give her a visa and the politician asked immigration to give the daughter in-law malawi passport. Facts are there and can be revealed. What about Ethel Nyoni (Niece to Bingu’s late wife) who is in our embassy, and the other lady in Japan? Chricy has been working here, paying taxes and deserves to go out.


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