The Kalondolondo Project officials have expressed satisfaction with the distribution and sale of the Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP) materials this growing season.

The success has been attributed to the community sensitization by the Project last year on the need to rectify challenges that existed during the implementation of the programme.

The previous challenges include: late distribution of the farm input materials, corruption and contention at selling points, which led to some beneficiaries sleeping in selling centres.

During the Kalondolondo first district interface meeting aimed at discussing the performance of the program, Sub Traditional Authority Nyoka testified about the programme’s success.

According to Njoka, new selling centres were established where each group village headman had allocation of specific days for the purchase of farm inputs, a development he said eased congestion.

Tight security also curbed corruption, said Njoka.

Kalondolondo Project Programs manager Jephter Mwanza said he was encouraged by the fruits of their project reaped in the district and christened it as a model district of Fisp success.

Minister of Tourism and parliamentarian for Mchinji North who attended the meeting said government has always wanted that intended beneficiaries reap fruits of the program.

This year’s FISP programme has been marred with several irregularities, ranging from fertiliser mixed with sand to the bags being diverted.

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