Police in Lilongwe have arrested a 21-year-old man who is alleged to have spread a rumour that owners of restaurants around Tsoka Flea Market are selling cooked human meat.

Two weeks ago, the rumour spread in Lilongwe that some restaurant owners have been serving their customers with cooked human flesh as beef.

Lilongwe police deputy spokesperson, Kingsley Dandaula, confirmed yesterday that on Thursday the police, with assistance from the restaurant owners around the place, apprehended Harold Phiri in connection with the rumour.

“Phiri was involved in a fight with another boy. In the fight, most of the restaurant owners were cheering his opponent. When he lost the fight, Phiri told the restaurant owners that he will be spreading a rumour that they sell human meat. When the rumour started spreading, customers started shunning the restaurants. The restaurant owners eventually caught him and brought him to police,” Dandaula said.

According to Dandaula, Phiri is expected to appear in court this week to answer the charge of conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

He, however, said further investigations in the matter are under way.

Phiri, 21, comes from Malaza village, Traditional Authority Kabunduli, in Nkhata Bay.

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