Former First lady Callista Mutharika has described President Joyce Banda as a “an opposite representation of womanhood”

“I am very angry, and I really don’t think this is happening. While the world expects women to be heart-tendered, here in Malawi we have a wrong representation,” said Callista, during her brief address to journalists.

Meanwhile, angry DPP supporters have successfully prevented the police from using black maria ‘chimbaula’ from transferring Peter Mutharika to Lilongwe.

Mayhem ensued at the police premises when the DPP supporters got wild that their leader will be transferred to Lilongwe using chimbaula.

This force the police to transfer Mutharika using an official vehicle of South Region Police Chief Paul Kanyama.

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  1. Its not Joyce Banda,who is arresting people,please dont sokoneza zinthu people, I politicaly dont support President Banda however this is not about politics,its law thats arresting people,dont point fingers @ others.why cant we learn to call a spade a spade,we all know that all the arrested conspired to do against the Malawi law,May Calista stop accusing the president please,if these guys are found guilty and get charged in one or another way,it means we are law abiding citizen if not they will go home free.NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW

  2. Its not about the President, its about the laws of this country the constitution. I wonder why Madam Callista is not feeling sorry for her late husband who was bleed inside coz Peter wanted to buy time to take over this country. Callista is one crazy woman coz as a woman she be feeling sorry and if it was me, even hate these people for not respecting the dead


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