Italy has recently introduced some laws that at first sight might look rather absurd and strange.

It is illegal to die in Falciano del Massico, a village of 3,700 people some 50 kilometers (30 miles) from Naples in southern Italy.

Mayor Giulio Cesare Fava issued the tongue-in-cheek decree because the village has no cemetery and it is feuding with a nearby town that has one.

The mayor told newspapers that villagers are content.

“The ordinance has brought happiness,” he was quoted Tuesday as saying. “Unfortunately, two elderly citizens disobeyed.”

It is also illegal to tell a man he has no balls in Italy. Below are some other strange laws from around the world.

  • In Capri it is totally forbidden to wear shoes that make noise.
  • In Eraclea, children of all ages aren’t allowed to make sand castles on public beaches.
  • In Vigevano, a town near Milan, is forbidden to stay in the shadow of a monument.
  • It is an offence to sit on steps/courtyards or to eat and drink in the immediate vicinity of churches and public buildings in Florence.
  • In Barcelona it is against the law to wear a bikini, swimming trunks or to go bare-chested on the streets.
  • In China, it is against the law to reincarnate without government permission.
  • It is illegal to die in the House of Parliament in London. Because it is a Royal Palace, you are technically entitled to a state funeral.
  • Until 2002, Brazilian men had ten days to annul their marriage if they discovered their wife wasn’t a virgin.
  • In the UK, a pregnant woman can relieve herself anywhere she wants, even a policeman’s helmet.
  • In Samoa, it’s a crime to forget your wife’s birthday.
  • In South Africa, young people wearing bathing suits are prohibited from sitting less than 12 inches apart.
  • In Swaziland, any woman who wears trousers faces a possible punishment of having them ripped off her and torn to pieces by soldiers.

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