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Peter Mutharika & Others Refuse to Enter Maula Prison

Peter Mutharika captured with a relative

President of opposition DPP Professor Peter Mutharika and his accomplices refused to enter Maula prison on Wednesday after the police diverted them there despite agreeing they would still sleep at Lumbazi police.

The suspects stood to their guns until the authorities ferried them to Lumbazi where they have been remanded since their arrest on Monday.

The suspects said their lawyers had agreed with the prosecution team that they would be remanded at Lumbazi and not Maula hence their refusal.

Professor Mutharika and 10 others have been all charged with treason but some of them especially Professor Mutharika, interdicted Chief Secretary to Government Mr. Bright Msaka have other charges of inciting mutiny and conspiracy to commit a felony.

One of the suspects, Duncan Mwapasa has been given police bail apparently because his role was not all that serious during the period of the alleged coup attempt.

The suspects return to court Wednesday to apply for bail in high court because the magistrate court has no jurisdiction to try treason cases.

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