Prophet has warned of more deaths if arrests will not be handled properly, adds that, this Joyce Banda government may not finish being in power this year. below is what the Prophet has said today on his wall.

“This is what I already said in my September 9, 2012 nation prophecy of unnecessary arrests of top leaders which i said will cost lives if not handled properly.I wish the govt would listen to what God is saying and stop this because i have been saying in my last two Sunday services that I was seeing this govt not finishing this year in power if it does what I saw it doing in the Spirit. If you were there in my service when i was delivering that prophecy, let me see your comment below… By Prophet Austin Liabunya

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  1. these r necessry arests en they r long overdue.nobody s abov the law en these selfish pipo wer playn wit the law.akula atha.if joyce banda is also breakin the law she wont b spared afta leavin offce defnatly she wil face the law again.


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