Speaker of Malawi Parliament, Henry Chimunthu Banda, on Tuesday faced a barrage of attacks from supporters of opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) after he formally expressed his interest to run at the convention for the position of president. But according to sources below are the main reason why Chimunthu Banda is challenging Peter Mutharika at the DPP convention:

* Joyce Banda is said to be sponsoring his campaign

*He was promised to [be] the running mate in 2014 by JB

*He was threatened with some corruption cases if he doesn’t challenge Peter Mutharika. I hear he was being investigated over some financial activities at Parliament.

*JB believes that Chimunthu cannot win in 2014 because most DPP followers who love Peter Mutharika will not vote for Chimunthu.

*JB plans to arrest him anyway if he defeats Peter Mutharika at the convention and that will mean DPP facing 2014 without a Presidential candidate

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  1. These are stupid lies from Peter Mutharika’s supporters. Chimunthu is an experienced politician ,very calm and is from the Central Region for power to transfer to the Central Region from the Alomwe land. Alomwes have proved to highly corrupt and nepotistic.

  2. No one is crime free on this earth. If JB wanted to nail Chimunthu she would nail him any how, so I wouldn’t really contrast the above points. After all I don’t trust this evil woman

  3. When you are writing some of your stories, please write with amature mind, don’t write as if you are writing for kindergaten. Who do you think can believe this? SHAME.


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