Mwanza District council has revamped its Child Protection Committee by electing new office bearers to help in arresting the ever increasing cases of child abuses in the district.

The newly elected chairperson of the committee, Leonard Maganga said on Friday the committee plays a key role of not only protecting but also promoting child rights thereby helping them to realize their future goals.

“Children are waiting for us to help them become good citizens in future. This committee should create a good environment where these children can achieve their goals without being harassed by anybody,” he said.

Maganga who is the Programme Manager for Red Cross Society of Malawi encouraged all those who were elected into the committee to be dedicated and committed to their work.

He said the committee would solicit resources from some sectors to help it carry out its activities. He added that very soon the committee would embark on civic educating the masses on the danger of child abuse.

“We want this committee to enlighten people on laws that protect children from being abused. We will also encourage the communities to report to police and other authorities whenever they have discovered a child abuse case,” he said.

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