Professor Peter Mutharika got 1266 Votes representing about 95% and Mr Henry Chimunthu Banda got 73 Votes representing about 5%!

This is different from other sources that touted that Henry Chimunthu Banda has support from both Central region and Northern region while Peter Mutharika’s support is from Southern Region alone. This has also proved that other politicians are popular in Newspapers and Radio stations but on the ground it is another story. This as well should give others a think tank on the real elections for 2014!

The DPP Convention has been named a creative, fair and free convention and the most admirable in Malawi political history where the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) itself was presiding over the voting process!

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  1. @madalitso this is what i predict.that treason case will drag until late 2013 & at thestart of 2014 joyce will arrest peter..even if he isnt found guilty joyce wont care,the governement will compensate peter and peter will have to wait another ’10 years.’

  2. God is the real jurge,aunt joy shld realise that she’s a creature just as Peter is,aunt hildah has all ve power and create false nuz 2’ve chance of aresting others. If all are false storiez,God knows how to arrest such pipo in HEAVEN. Tiyeni tikonde anzathu monga tizikondera,lamulo langa ndilakuti,’MUZIKONDANA’.

  3. How can normal pple elect someone who was playing with his dead brothers body? he will be president of the south(thyolo) not central and north.


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