If the converse happened in a Muslim majority country and a Christian program was fined for saying Muhammad wasn’t the last prophet, you can be sure there would be spitting vitriol in the Islamophobic looniverse, whole seminars would be dedicated to the topic at Conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation. Interestingly when it comes to freedom of speech in this regard they are rather silent. What if they were Muslim?: Malawi’s Radio Islam punished for demeaning Jesus Christ Here is the story By Yankho Msuka The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) has slapped Radio Islam with a $625 (about K260, 000) fine for denigrating the Christian religion, mostly stating that Jesus Christ is not the son of God. Macra has imposed the fine on Radio Islam for breaching Clause 2(a) of the Third Schedule to the Communications Act and Clause 10.1.3 of its Licences by denigrating other religion beliefs. “In January, 2013 Radio Islam aired a programme where they denigrated the Christian religion by among other things stating that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God and all people who follow him shall perish in hell. “Upon hearing representations from Radio Islam, they admitted to have aired the program in breach of both the Communications Act and the Licence terms and conditions. “Radio Islam has been warned before for the same conduct of denigrating other religious beliefs. Therefore, pursuant to Section 54(5)[c] of the Communications Act, the Authority has imposed the fine of $625 on Radio Islam which is a quarter of their Licence fees,” said Macra Director General, Charles Nsaliwa.

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  1. Interesting, but now go to a majority moslem country and dare say that on a minority christian radio station.. They will burn the station and behead whoever was responsible for sayin that…christians have a better tolerance level I must say


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