MALAWI’S president has savaged Madonna, accusing her of making “the poor dance for her”.

Joyce Banda hit out as the star visited the tiny African state this week.

Madonna set up Raising Malawi after adopting son David Banda there in 2006 and daughter Mercy James in 2009.


Malawi president Joyce Banda

Furious … President Banda
Allan Milligan


But Mrs Banda claimed the singer reneged of a pledge to build a £10million academy for girls and opted to build 10 schools — without consulting officials.

She said: “Where are the ten schools she has built?

“In some cases she just renovated an already existing block. No one should just come here and say ‘I’m building a classroom’ without needs assessment.

“It is an insult to the people.”

But Trevor Neilson, who manages Madonna’s charitable work, last night provided details of the schools built by her project.

He added: “Every single one of the schools is a free standing structure.”

The Who’s That Girl singer also posted a picture of her and daughter Lourdes, 16. cuddling orphans on their trip.


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  1. one day people will fear to give help. Am sure! Why don’t we applaude and congratulate, instead we are criticising. Not important, i support maddona, she is real.

  2. She has done good by providing whatever she can to us. What are we doing, on our own? She has adopted two of our children whom we were failing to look after and now we say she is a what and what? Lets give credit where its due. What’s wrong with people dancing for others. Now the dictator comes in! Look at your party dancing not the nation. We are in a different world today. This is not Kamuzu’s time. That was one party dispensation period. Why do you expect all the good things to come only to you. This is democracy let those who are benefiting from this lady dance showing their appreciation. I for oen appreciate her gesture. Have you been to the children’s ward at Queens? Its pathetic without this paediatric Doctor I don’t know what was going to happen in this ward day in and day out. I have a child who benefitted from Dr Boigsten surgeries.

  3. It’s interesting to read the opinions posted by others on this article. It fills me with pathos to read comments suffused with such ignorance. One thing many Africans have failed to grasp no matter how often they are faced with the truth – is that white people are not for the salvation and advancement of Africa – they never have been. Madonna’s seemingly humane actions are far from altruistic. She is the immediate benefactor in all of this because of the publicity and ego balm she receives. She is lauded for being such a great humanitarian, but what is the legacy left in Africa? “Africans are wretched, impoverished, starving and helpless” Madonna’s actions (and other white celebrities like her) do nothing other than perpetuate African stereotypes. If Madonna’s had truly unselfish intentions why not campaign against the vice-like stranglehold that Western corporations have on the African continent? Campaign against the egregious structural adjustment programs introduced by the World Bank and IMF that are keeping Africans in a state of socioeconomic lethargy. Do not come to Africa as a patronising moral crusader, discerning Africans see through that thin veil. Do not adopt our children and wrest them from their clutches of their parents. This is the type of action associated with young animals being taken from their parents by poachers or zoological groups. Africans are not animals. The real poverty within Africa is not within the soil of the mineral rich continent, but within the uncultivated minds of Africans who are naive enough to believe that Africa’s salvation can only come from outside the continent. That’s the mentality of a slave. There are many countries in the West that have poor, marginalised groups. Do you think the governments of these countries would readily welcome a band of well-intentioned, benevolent Africans seeking to adopt their children and build schools and hospitals for them? The best thing that the West can do for Africa is to get the hell off the continent and let the collective efforts of over a billion Africans look inwardly to heal itself. We’ve done it before as the great civilisations of Mali, Kongo, Meroe, Egypt, Ghana, Songhai, Great Zimbabwe, Kush, Ta Seti. Some of these civilisations waxed and waned before Europe was even a concept. Africa can and will be great again, we just need believers and doers rather than uneducated naysayers and self serving Westerners.


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