Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Uladi Mussa on Saturday said Malawians should give President Joyce Banda a new mandate to rule the country by voting her in next year’s elections, saying she was better placed to develop the country unlike her opposition challengers.

Mussa a renowned political orator said this at a public rally President Banda addressed at Lumbira Primary School ground in the high density township of Chilomoni in Blantyre on Saturday.

In veiled attack aimed at the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Mussa said Malawians should not trust the ‘Matchona’ -people that have spent a larger share of their lives in the diaspora.

DPP president Professor Peter Mutharika has spent close to 40 years in United States of America. Such is also the case with the party’ leader in parliament Dr. George Chaponda and its secretary general Dr. Jean Kalilani, who have also been working outside Malawi in various reputable international organisations, before joining politics.

“We don’t want matchona,” said Mussa amid ululation from the People’s Party supporters.

He also pointed out that Mutharika has clearly said he will continue where his brother, late president Bingu wa Mutharika left before he succumbed to cardiac arrest on April 5, 2012.

Mussa reminded Malawians that Late Mutharika left a bad legacy such as the country experiencing erratic supplies of fuel, bad governance, bad human rights record and bad relationship with donors.

He also insinuated on United Democratic Front (UDF) youthful presidential candidate Atupele Muluzi, saying he was immature to run for the top job.

Mussa said the youth should first gain experience before gunning for the presidency.

“We need experience. Presidency is not like marriage where you can even pick each other and start living together, you need experience,” said Mussa.

He trashed Atupele’s ‘agenda for change’ campaign, saying change in the country was also delivered by God when Bingu died on April 5 and President Banda ascended to power then embarked on reforms.

He said all opposition presidential aspirants were merely “escorting” President Banda to get her mandate as President.

“We don’t change governments like shirts. I urge all Christians in this country and my fellow Muslims to vote for Dr Joyce Banda in 2014,” said Mussa.

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the air,” he added.

Mussa sloganeered “kukhala mzimai si chifukwa” (To be a woman should not be a cause to face male chauvinism).

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  1. neither age, gender, nor matchona issue matters here. thats totally out of order. Is it not kamuzu who developed this country more than any other president? Matchona or no matchona thats not a quality when it comes to choosing a leader. So ‘change goal’ better find qualities in his jb that he think makes her a leader worth malawians’ votes-period.

  2. It doesnt matter whether he is baby or matchona what we want is peaple who knows to develop malawi and welfair of peaple availability of our staple food in admarcs at recommendable price and selling 50kg not starter packs as if am a single person.

  3. Backbencher Malawi or whatever they call you in real life,did Kamuzu really develop this country?
    As fake as your name is so is your belief and views,show yourself and you will believe me you have traveled the world over,are u sure Malawi is developed as you claim?
    Let’s face it,our capital city is no better than a border town in other countries.
    Retract your sentiments, equate the years Kamuzu’s been in power and how much infrastructure he put in place,that fuckhead actually lost his damn mind in the west and he grew of age watching this country in its bushy state for how long you say? Come on man!


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