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‘Man of God’ Lazarus Chakwera eyes troubled MCP presidency

Leading a bunch of liars?

Well, if it’s a second calling from God, then well-known cleric and American educated Dr Lazarus Chakwera, president of the Assemblies of God in Malawi, has his eyes fixed on becoming political president of the troubled MCP which has never recovered since losing power to Bakili Muluzi in 1994.

Chakwera, 58, told the Nation on Sunday that he had been approached by different people to try his luck at the country’s oldest party, in a bid that will be seen as taking over from the veteran John Tembo, who has thrice tried to contest for the national presidency but has fluked.

The cleric, who would be a new comer to Malawi’s sickly politics and whose leaders are often chided for impoverishing the nation of 13 million citizens while they bask in glory and riches, told the newspaper that he beleives he represent the “kind of transformational leadership that Malawi needs to stir her from the seeming vicious circle of mediocrity, corruption, nepotism and politics of subsistence to high levels of excellence, integrity, unity and abundance for all.”

What is he banking on to succeed?

In his document titled ‘Why I offer My service to the Nation’, Chakwera is said to have penned:”Some people might ask: What can Chakwera bring to the presidential race that others are not bringing? I believe that I have unique competencies, charisma and character that can more fully represent the new face of hope and the future that Malawians long for.”

He said if his political plans bore fruit, he would have to quit the pulpit.

Chakwera has an arts degree from the University of Malawi, a theology (Hons) degree from the South African University of the North, master of theology degree from the Univeristy of South Africa and a doctor’s degree (Phd) from Trinity International University of the USA.

His qualifications, one would say, make him a suitable politician but his entry into the MCP would need to have the blessings of JZU, who has dominated the party since the death of founder president Kamuzu Banda, to succeed.

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