“I am at my best, when I meet opposition”

“Apo njuchi ziluma mpo ndipita”

“History takes long to declare its verdict. The villains of today may be declared saints tomorrow; it may be after their death …

Today in 2013, many years after these statements were made, Malawi and the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) are again, at a cross-roads. And here we are, standing in the shadows of the Parthenon, poised to rewrite and reshape history and a poor nation’s destiny – if at all we care for Malawi.

Are we are ready and do we have the guts?

Yes, we are, and guts we have. 30 years of dictatorship, and a near 20 years of a miscarriage of democracy have graduated us, with PhDs

Do we have the mettle?

Yes, we have.

Do we have the conviction?

Yes we do. And woe unto anyone or any politburo that wants to force us to continue wallowing in mediocrity and povertyjust so that they can earn blood money as their “retirement” package.

Sneak preview /hypothesis:

Hon J.Z.U Tembo has, according to well-placed sources, been promised a “decent retirement package” should he ensure that a candidate, deemed a threat by the current ruling Peoples Party (PP), fails to make it as a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) presidential candidate.

… what is the truth?

… what are implications of MCP fielding an unpopular candidate in the event that candidate X is disqualified?

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