One of the Blantyre-based constituent college of the University of Malawi, The Polytechnic has today staged demonstrations around campus as a way of pushing for the increment of Students’ Upkeep allowance, otherwise referred to as Malswitch.

The students were involved in the usual cat-and-mouse chase characteristic of demonstrations.

According to one of the students Face of Malawi has just talked to, they want the allowance to be increased to a reasonable amount that would cater for one’s accommodation and food throughout the month.

“With the exorbitant food prices both at the cafe and other external food selling points, we are not managing through the month with the money we get now,” said our source.

The situation has since calmed down after the Police intervened but the students say they are satisfied that they have made their grievances known.

Read more about this and what the President of the University of Malawi Students’ Union (UMSU) has to say in Face of Malawi issue that will be published this evening.


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