Leader of DPP in parliament Dr. George Chaponda, has vehemently backed the K61bn Bingu is allerged to have amassed when he was the president of this country citing that Bingu worked with UN and World Bank respectively where he used to get a lot of money.

”Mind you, the man you are talking about, was not as poor as you may regard him. Besides working with UN and World Bank, he also had farms in Malawi and Zimbabwe and on top of that, he was also a writter. How much therefore do u expect him to have accumulated from all this?”

”At UN, we used to get a lot of money, even if you could ask myself, i even have a lot of cash in foreign banks like Ethopia, USA, japan and many others. So what?” narrated Chaponda.

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  1. Chaponda do not talk as if you were the first people to work for the UN and World Bank. Did Bingu build a house before becoming a president. Even you, why were you scrambling for your late brother’s property after you returned from exile? Both you and Bingu were thieves. You in particular were stealing items including money intended for refugees. Who do you want to deceive here?

  2. Chaponda was diverting food items intended for refugees in Eretria and Eastern Ethiopia to sell them to croocked millionaires and make money for himself. This is why he claims to have substantial amounts of money. He was a friend of Bingu when Bingu was working for ECA as a refugee from Zambia. It is nonsense for him to be claiming to have been paid a lot of money. Mind you, he was not the only Malawian who worked for the United Nations-how about Mr Mwase? Bingu stole taxpayer’s money from the Malawi Government and it must be investigated first to identify who was depositing the money on his behalf.


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