He might have joked about failed marriages several times before but this is no longer a joke as Mr. Jokes has filed for divorce at Midima Magis¬trate’s Court in Blantyre barely five months after tying the knot with his sweetheart, Miriam.
Comedian Andrea Thonyiwa, popularly known as Mr. Jokes, no longer wants his wife.

Court documents show that Mr. Jokes wants to divorce Miriam on grounds of cruelty and infidelity.

Mr. Jokes’ grievanc¬es are contained in civil cause number 54/2013. He accuses his wife of secretly seeing her former boy¬friend and being found with love messages on her mobile phone.

According to informa¬tion sourced at the court, Mr. Jokes’ wife did not contest the allegations levelled against her.

Mr. Jokes, whose di¬vorce case was heard in chambers recently, also accuses his wife of stealing money from him.

Mr. Jokes’ marriage has only lasted for five months. The couple tried to involve mar¬riage counsellors to salvage the union to no avail.

“Since Mr. Jokes tied the knot with his bet¬ter half, he has not enjoyed marriage life because the wife has been nagging him. He opted for divorce because marriage counsellors had failed to help them,” the source said.

Mr. Jokes reportedly told the court that he suspected that his wife was only attract¬ed to him because of his celebrity status.

Mr. Jokes is popu¬lar for his stand-up comedy on MBC TV’s ‘Comedy Corner’. He also performs at functions. – By Times Reporter

Picture : Mr. Jokes & wife on their wedding day

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