MSCE has become a joke now every year the paper get leaked on black market. English paper 1,maths, biology, chichewa papers are being found by vendors in lilongwe, every paper is been sold at a cool k6000 at old town Lilongwe.
About 12500 MSCE exam copies have been found in one of the lilongwe vendor house in biwi, the copies comprise of english,maths,bio,chichewa. The man has been arrested.

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  1. ths is stupid! why sch thngs are hapening almost evry year nw since 2007 nd mathews matemba is still in th office, should we say the government lacks proofs to fire management team of maneb, wht abt wht hapened in 2007, for us to rewright the exams tht means thy had all th proofs tht th exams were leaked. i pity for my nation malawi

  2. The ills of our society. Gud @ talking, no action. Beta in 2007 coz an action wz takn, exams we’ expozd in newspapers & dat provided a ground 4 criticism. Actions owez proves y words minz nothng & thru that u can prove we doubtors wrong. So, xpoz de paper!

  3. The problem is that journalists alongside their respective newspapers are just watching matters as they unfold without publishing the leaked papers in the country’s major dailies as was the case in 2007. Remember that Maneb officials are clever enough to down play the saga afterwards should there be no public proof prior to writing.


    publish some of the leaked and accessed exam papers on your page here to act as an affidavit in case of query. The best solution is to rewrite the papers if proper and tangible evidence is sourced and displayed before such papers are sat for. Last year we were disadvantaged because of similar trends of events that eventually saw the majority of us being awarded poor grades.



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