Stories creating headaches
1. BBA- All malawian Representaives in Big Brother house evicted
2. Malawi the Flames exiting COFASA upon whipped 3-2 by Angola
3. United Kingdom urges malawi not relying on donor, they will stop helping Malawi as baby because it is not a mother.
4. South Korea- labour export failed
5. Lake malawi disputes, Tanzania staged war to get the Lake.
6. Malawi National Netball team failed to defend trophy
7. Maize prices already gone up since harvesting period, nanga kufikire february 2014
8. Exams leakage, vendors selling MSCE examinations
YOU CAN ADD OTHERS (Chino ndi chaka cha mayankho, JB Jan,2013)

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  1. Thus a rediculous statement,she think we are stupid or idiots?hw can she stand infront of pple and talk that nosense….she must be out of her mind.


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