President Joyce Banda is being praised for taking a bold stand over Tanzania’s claim on the Northern part of Lake Malawi.Tanzania has been pursuing for months for change of a legal and historic agreement that would give it ownership of a northern portion of the lake.The bid is being discussed by a grouping of retired heads of state in the SADC region, among them Thabo Mbeki the former President of South Africa and Joackim Chissano who was President of Mozambique.The two met with President Banda in Lilongwe on Sunday.

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1 ndemanga

  1. No, she is delaying the involvement of the Malawi Defence Forces. Malawi is a sovereign state meaning it has
    i. Geography
    ii. Leadership
    iii. Population
    These are the prequisites for a country to join the United Nations. Late Dr Banda furnished this information at thge time of our country joining the UN.
    Now, why should the Malawi Government be using mediators in a non issue.?


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