It is apparently an illusion, let us call it a dream. The good honorable minister should be forgiven for commenting like he did.

Uladi Mussa, the country’s defence minister says Malawians need not worry for terror activities can not happen here. The minister responded when asked if we are, as a country, ready in case such an attack could happen.

The minister downplayed the fears of a seemingly anxious nation by saying Christians and Muslims here coexist and there was no need for anybody to be afraid.

But Kenya was not attacked by in within extremists, they were imported. Apparently, Muslims and Christians coexist in Kenya as well.

Can someone remind the minister, terrorism is now a global threat and all of us need to jack up!

Terrorism can't happen here
Terrorism can’t happen here

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1 ndemanga

  1. Mr. Minister has a lot of
    home work to do on issues of Terrorism.however, it is better to respond to issues of national importance in a
    matter gives hope to the
    nation.Terrorism has global traits!!


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