Malawi’s freedom of speech might be under threat if the remarks made by the People’s Party director of Political affairs who is also the minister responsible for Water and Irrigation are anything to go by.

Speaking in Parliament yesterday when responding to claims that money looted from Capitol Hill has been used to buy the ruling party vehicles that are seen traveling all over across the nation, the minister did not only disclose that PP as a party bought three vehicles and the rest were bought by well-wishers before being donated to the party. She made an addition.

The minister disclosed that there was a smear campaign against the PP government and even the party and that, as a party, they were watching closely what was being said especially on social media.

However, the minister fell short of saying what they will do after the observation.

People on social media have made varying allegations under both real names and pseudonyms that have either tarnished the image of personalities or political parties.

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  1. Who is Anita Kalinde by the way to stifle our hard worn freedom of speech and conscience? Shut-up. You cannot stop people from discussing your theft of public funds. Do not forget the money you play with is from our taxes.

  2. Anita is a very pretty woman. Best looking MP i’ve ever had the pleasure to meet and photograph.

    But comments like these wouldn’t stop me from expressing my dislike of this boma or particular members of it. If the govt insists on punishing ‘Opinions’ via lawsuits or induced economic hardship then my instincts about them were probably correct. ‘Public’ figures forget they are ‘public’ figures.

  3. What you have said is utter RUBBISH, no matter how many threats you may issue just know kuti boma lakupulumukani. Ufulu mukufuna mutilandewu ena anavutikila iwe unali kuti? come 2014 PP OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Z3A58D Superb points totally, you may attained a brand brand new audience. Precisely what may perhaps anyone suggest regarding your posting you made a couple of days before? Virtually any particular?


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