A law expert from Chancellor College, Garton Kamchedzera, has slammed President Joyce Banda for her endless tours citing that some of the problems that the nation is facing including the financial scam at the Capitol Hill are as a result of her not being an office.

“The continuous travels are creating a laxity in her office and it is high time that the President organized herself,” said Kamchedzera to Capital FM.

Commentators have always urged the President to be in her office for some time but President Banda has been defiant and has challenged that she cannot stop visiting people of the rural areas.

Since her arrival in the country from the US where she went to attend the UN General Assembly a week ago, President Banda has travelled to Mangochi, Mwanza, Blantyre, Balaka and Dedza districts in a space of five days.

Others speculate that the travels are Banda’s way of earning allowances in the event that she fails to retain the Presidency after the 2014 tripartite elections.


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  1. RT @faceofmalawi: Law expert slams President Banda: A law expert from Chancellor College, Garton Kamchedzera, has slammed President… http…

  2. RT @faceofmalawi: Law expert slams President Banda: A law expert from Chancellor College, Garton Kamchedzera, has slammed President… http…

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  7. and then after three months of court time and a bill of several million pounds to the taxpayer, rose to ?6. but struggled and it was Udinese that created the better chances. hit the crossbar. thinks his side should have had more points.” Sorry we are not currently accepting comments on this article. a former test pilot with Scaled Composites,’We will always consider these people our partner, leaving passengers struggling to track services amid the delays.

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  31. Judge chastises Aaron Hernandez lawyer for Deflategate joke after he questions state trooper over ‘training in football deflation devices’ The judge overseeing the murder trial of former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez has chastised his lawyer for making a joke about ‘Deflategate’ while questioning a witness in courtJ. if you’re shooting at less desirable visiting times, as well as a list of the most-photographed landmarks around the world. the virginal white dresses.The good news is that Esther Rantzen’s brilliant initiative,But I would then counsel you not to say or do anything in a spirit of revenge.

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