Reports indicate that about MK 20 billion has been siphoned out of the seat of government, the Capitol Hill, in the infamous Cashgate scandal in the capital that saw civil servants being found with obscene amounts of cash and President Banda having to do a cabinet reshuffle which saw then falling of her justice minister, Ralph Kasambara, and the finance minister, Ken Lipenga, among others.

According to media reports, a meeting between the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament and the Financial Intelligence Unit revealed the shocking truth which might just be a tip of the iceberg of the money lost through corruption in the land.

The reports further established that about 50 companies were involved in the swindling of government of both donor and taxpayers’ money.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports have went viral that former minister of Justice, Ralph Kasambara, is set to be arrested by the police over the same issues days after being disgracefully thrown out of cabinet.


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1 ndemanga

  1. Who had appointed Kasambara into the cabinet and what cariteria was used when selecting him? It is the one who had selected and appointed him who should answer why he ended up stealing taxpayer’s money not Kasambara. Kasambara was a well known crook even Bingu sacked him from his cabinet for dishonesty, why did Joyce Banda recruit this crook?
    I agree with Peter Mutharika that Malawi does not have a leader.


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