The state house has said that President Joyce Banda is shocked with her ex-minister of Justice’s request that she be one of her witnesses in a case in which the former closest ally of Banda, Ralph Kasambara, is accused of attempted murder on the life of Paul Mphwiyo. Mphwiyo was, at the time of his attempted assasination, the Director of Budgeting in the Ministry of Finance.

At his appearance in court yesterday, Kasambara said that he wants the state President to be his witness alongside other government officials.

However, the state house through its press officer has expressed shock at Kasambara’s request.

Further, the state house has indicated that the President has opted to not comment much on the development.

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  1. Why should a witness to a case in court be shocked? Joyce Banda is a Malawian and like anybody else, she must accept to attend court and say what Kasambala wants her to say in court. Munthu wankulu sasamba limodzi ndi ana kuopa kumuona umaliseke.


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