President of the United Independence Party, Helen Singh, has blamed state president Joyce Banda for the Capitol hill looting claiming that if she were the President then the nation could not have been subjected to the embarrassing scandal of the looting.

Singh, an owner of SS Rent a car, unveiled her political ambitions some months ago by registering her UIP of which she will be its presidential candidate in the 2014 tripartite elections.

In a local radio interview, Singh described the current leadership as lacking a vision for the nation. She blamed the current President of not being in control of the situation and, therefore, the economic crisis that started with the looting of the Capitol hill finances.

Citing an example of a mother at home, she said that the President had to be aware of what was going on in the government and apparently had to institute investigations into the houses that have been built in Area 43 in the capital city for a start.

On the contentious issue of homosexuality, Singh who is also a pastor opted to use the Bible for her defense and read a chapter from Romans.

However, when pushed into a corner she said that all that she would do would be to pray for homosexuals.

“They deserve our love; love covers a multitude of sins. Praying for homosexuals is the best way,” said she.

Singh becomes the second pastor to join the presidential fray after pastor Lazarus Chakwera of the Assemblies of God who is now the leader of the Malawi Congress Party.


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  1. RT @faceofmalawi: Singh blames JB over Cash gate, says homosexuals need prayers: President of the United Independence Party, Helen… http:…

  2. I agree with Sigh but do not support her political ambitions. Joyce Banda should not have waited for things to get out of hand before taking action. In fact presidents are expected to be proactive not reactive. In indeed she knew about corruption in government from her past acquintance with previous governments, she should have taken the fight against corruption from day 1 not wait for Paul Mphwiyo to be shot at. This is reactive leadership and not acceptable to a president for a poor country. No matter how she can try to defend herself, she is to blame because she get paid to provide leadership not to wait until things go bad.

  3. It seems to become a President in Malawi its like eating bread, every one wants to be a President even the vender on the streets will stand as a candidate.


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