There are no permanent enemies in politics, no permanent friends either. After all, it was Bingu who hanged him and Peter is not Bingu.

Reports indicate that disgruntled Peoples’ Party (PP) former Vice President of the Central region, Cassim Chilumpha, is contemplating of a move to the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

The move comes barely hours after Chilumpha announced that he had quit PP for its undemocratic tendencies as it was endorsing Minister of Justice, Fahad Assan, over him in their yet-to-be held primary elections.

Chilumpha yesterday threw in the towel and said he was quitting the PP but never disclosed his next move. It is from the grapevines that the rumour has surfaced that the DPP might just be his next move.

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  1. Dr Chilumpha, please take time to make the decision to move otherwise you will continue to suffer embarassments. DPP is a family party belonging to the Mutharika dynasty. Can’t you see this? How an educated person like you can fail to see well?

  2. Akulu, baba, Mjomba, Mwachita bwino zedi kuwasiyila chipani chao ngati a President akukayika za kuwina mpaka kumapia kumaula inu mukhalilamonji? Ndipo ngati ndikotheka simunalakwitse zonganiza kulowa DPP munthu wa Mzeru ngati inu umalowa kowina!!!!!!


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