A youthful Zimbabwean prophet Uebert Angel has prophesied that Liverpool will win the English Premier League title this season.

Angel who is the founder of Spirit Embassy church and once lived in Manchester is widely known for various football prophesies.

In May 2012 Angel prophesied that Chelsea would beat Liverpool to win the FA Cup a few hours before kickoff. Chelsea went on to win 2-1 after he had correctly spelt the scoreline and gave exact goal descriptions.

He was again on point when he foretold Manchester United’s league glory last season. A self-confessed Manchester United fan, he however sees Liverpool bagging it this season.

“Liverpool, I am with you this year and God has shown me he is returning you to your glory days,” he said.

It would be Liverpool’s 19th league title and their first since the 1989/1990 season.

Early this month Angel also correctly prophesised the exact day, date and time former South African President Nelson Mandela would die.

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  1. Well he never said that he only warned arsenal for celebrating too soon and they lost the following match to man city, drew with chelsea. Saka Liverpool yapinda papi and he told man utd fans to cool down coz gore rino zvakapresser. Anyway to find out more varume mouya kuchurch. Regai kunetseka nekuti muporofita aripo achakutaurirai zvizere nenyaya iyi. If GOD is interested in football what more matters to do with your life

  2. The man of God never said such statements in the service. We have been on this story since Christmas day but noone has bothered to hear the truth from the Prophet but you are quick to believe the newspapers and not the Prophet. What a lost generation

  3. If only people could learn not to depend on rumours, you could save us a lot of shame. Prophet Angel is a Man anointed by God for our sake, we better learn to appreciate him and stop trying to fabricate stories against him. Whom GOD has BLESSED, who can CURSE? Be careful HATERS, you might end up FIGHTING GOD HIMSELF. He NEVER PROPHESIED about Liverpool winning..

  4. This is a typical case of news agents mixing truth and a lie so it sounds believable but as Christians lets hold on to the truth ONLY. We love you all and Jesus loves you more.

  5. Woh what a lie, there is nothing like like that, not even one day he talk of liverpool, ts a shame when you hear papers lie like this.

  6. What a lie! don’t juss take stories from these zimbabwean papers, the put in paper a story that never happened. he never prophecised about liverpool.

  7. We never saw that prophecy on miracle tv. i believe its a lie, if a prophet said he never talked about it, believe him.

  8. Just wen we heard rummors dat d man of God prophesied about liverpool,d club started having fantastic results.


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