Nigerian flamboyant prophet TB Joshua has slammed Presidents who visit his Synagogue Church of all Nations but do not practise what he advises them to do according to God’s will.

Malawian President Joyce Banda is among African leaders who have been to TB Joshua and is on record to have described the Nigerian prophet as her “spiritual father.”

Banda said she has been visiting Nigeria to worship at Prophet TB Joshua’s temple as “a follower of God”.

Last week President Banda visited Nigeria in what other observers said she sneaked to meet her spiritual father.

But in an interview published on Nigeria’s Sunday newspaper, The Punch, the ‘man of God’ clarified that “no president has ever visited this place in secret.”

To believers, senior Prophet T.B. Joshua is very famous for prophesying many global events including the death of former late President of Malawi Bingu Wa Mutharika.

He has slammed leaders who “do not obey the instructions” after leaving his Synagogue Church. The Prophet did not mention names.

“The reason why people visit a man of God is to receive instructions, his opinion about them or their country. But if they don’t follow it, yet the whole world knows that they are close to TB Joshua, it has no benefit,” he said.

The Prophet said seven Presidents have visited his church since inception.

“But each time presidents come to this place, I get query from God. When they come around, you won’t have time to attend to other people. They will block the road with their security and at the end of the day, they won’t do what you advise them to do,” he said.

Reports suggest that in discussion during her last previous visit to SCOAN, Prophet T.B Joshua told President Banda that according to a vision he was seeing, Malawi’s first female leader was only going to stay at the helm, no more than two years.

This is reported to have infuriated the Malawi leader.

Many other African leaders have literally turned the Synagogue church situated in Ikotun-Egbe, a Lagos suburb, into a pilgrimage centre of sorts.

They include President Omar Bongo of the Republic of Gabon, Goodwill Zwelithini, King of the Zulu from South Africa, Andre Kolimba, former president of the Central African Republic, ex-President Pascal Linssouba of Congo Brazaville and Yormie Johnson, the former Liberian warlord.

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  1. Zopusa basi, iyeyo amakanika kulosera zakwawoko, nkumalosera za kuno? Boko haram yakhala ikupha anthu kumeneko osalosera bwanji? Tel him to go to hell wit hi satanic deeds. Ngati ali dolo alosere kuti iyeyo adzamwalira liti? Mxiii…

  2. Does the God he serves only answer his prayers?
    If he is a true man of God, (and I believe we all are, with no favours on just one person), why does he entertain such posh-ness and not advise humility and equality kwa onse visiting him.
    A question comes to mind: who is greater? Malawi’s ‘go deeper man or iyeyo.
    Mulungu anati ndipempheni ndi mtima onse ine ndidzakupatsani. Koma it seem amasiku ano kuli short cut. U have money? fly to Nigeria and get God to give you what you want. No money? Palibe vuto, just go deeper.
    Our future is no longer only God’s secret- anthuwa akudziwa zonse. I’m sure akudziwanso when the world will end.
    People, you have minds, you can think. It is a gift God gave you. Use it and do not get brainwashed. Remember aliyense adzakayankha yekha. Dad kudzakhala kulibe.


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