The jet that is being used to charter the Malawi President in her globetrotting is the same one she claimed to have disposed off that was bought by ex-President Mutharika, FaceofMalawi has it on authority.

According to the news we have, and is on authority, President Banda is using a private jet, registration number ZS-FCI, in her journeys and state house has even confirmed the development but has rather said that it is well-wishers who are providing President Banda with the jet.

However, FaceofMalawi can reveal that it is a lie that has been put forward by the state house through its press officer, Steve Nhlane.

FaceofMalawi understands that the plane was last seen at Lanseria (FALA) in South Africa hosted by Paramount/Fortune Air Fleet as its owners, that was on 02 September 2013 and it was actually registered as the ex-Malawi Presidential jet.

Now plying under the registration number ZS-FCI, the plane used to operate under the registration number ZQ-ONE. Below are the images of the plane that is now being used by President Banda:

The (ex-)Presidential jet

ZS-FCI - Being used by President Banda
ZS-FCI – Being used by President Banda

It has further been alleged that Paramount/Fortune Air Fleet has connections to the company from which President Banda has had her controversial arms deal.

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  1. We are in trouble with this crook. She wants deals in everything.
    Let us unite regardless of political affliation to vote out this thief from the seat of government.

  2. FaceofMalawi, I expected some in depth coverage of the JET sale article. But this superficial. You were expected to dig deep than what has been posted on Facebook timelines. Tell us who owns Fortune Air Fleet? What is their relationship with the owner of the Jet JB is chartering? etc


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