The Cashgate scandal arrests are ongoing and if one thought they are safe from it now that the fire it came with appeared to have died down, they must definitely think again.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau has arrested businessman, Mainala Reuben Mwale, in connection to the Capitol hill looting aka Cashgate scandal.

Mwale, who is the proprietor of Vhaima General Dealers is accused of inducing a public officer in the Ministry of Tourism, Leonard Kalonga, to abuse his office.

Kalonga himself has cases hanging over his head in relation to the same Cashgate scandal.

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  1. Joyce Banda know that arresting people is not the end of the matter but ensure expeditious trials. Do not hide behind separation of powers. You Joyce Banda must set a deadline for all Cashgate cases to get to the trial for conclusion. Do not cheat us.

  2. @ Njerwa
    It is obvious that Mrs Mtila Banda does not want this issue to be expedited in the quickest possible way. When she came to power she commissioned and inquiry into the murder of chasowa because she is aware that inquiries have deadlines as opposed to investigations. You ever heard about cold files? That is exactly what she wants these investigations to end into so dont be surprised. At least you know that she is using delaying tactics.


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