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BBC’s Komla Dumor’s last Facebook message to a friend, raw and touching


As humans, we are not promised the luxury of knowing what happens tomorrow. Therefore, it’s very important that we live our best life each time we wake to see a brand new day.

BBC Presenter, Komla Dumor died suddenly yesterday at the age of 41. A day before he died, he sent this thought-provoking Facebook message to his friend. Please read…

God has been v[very] good to me. Last year I experienced a lot of illness ..my BP nearly gave me a stroke but I trod on..waking up at 2am and heading to work..exhausted sometimes..aching in my body a soul..mentally and emotionally drained ..but I kept going ..

I smiled for the camera..I volunteered for extra shifts ..I showed respect to my colleagues from directors to the security guards..I took a lot of jealousy driven vicious insults and backstabbing from petty people without reply..I remain silent in my personal strife and misery..

I kept smiling and pushing on to present better and to engage w my audience and increase my following.,long days and frustrating times..but I kept going..through the west gate mall coverage through the Mandela funeral..even when illness had me collapsing I delivered..

today my boss the head of television called me for a 1 minute meeting..he said Komla we have decided to make you the anchor presenter for our coverage of the World Cup in Brazil ..we shook hands and I left..I looked to the sky and said thank you Lord for reminding me that you are on my side ..the enemy will be scattered..

Selah!Selah! Praise Him..tomorrow is another day.

Hmmm…life! May his soul rest in peace.


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