Maybe we are illiterate, maybe it is in the same spirit that the President said that most of her cabinet ministers cannot operate a computer, but the Malawi government has come in the open to tell off the Malawian public on accessing the forensic audit report into the Cashgate scandal.

Speaking to the press, Minister of Information, Evangelist Brown Mpinganjira, and Minister of Finance, Maxwell Mkwezalamba, said that the report was not meant for Malawians but the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and, therefore, Malawians should not bother themselves pressuring the government to access the report because it just will not happen.

“The report was for the IMF and they will be using it for their review meeting to be held next week,” Mkwezalamba has been quoted as saying.

While the money that was stolen, in a mafia style, from the Capitol hill coffers also belonged to the Malawian tax-payer, government has decided to not be answerable to the Malawian populace.

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  1. The statements from the two ministers confirm why our president is arrogant to citizens. Due poverty in Malawi, leaders do not respect the citizens but donors. In this case, the tripartite election is only meant to legitimise the plunder of state assets. How can a report for a sovereign state be sent to foreigners before citizens see it.


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