Drivers of fuel tankers in the country have gone on an indefinite strike claiming that they are unfairly accused by their bosses over the issues of low supply of fuel that they come with back home.

According to the drivers, their bosses accuse them that they sell off some of the fuel before reaching their destination points, a claim which they have dismissed as untrue.

According to them, they get low supplies of fuel from Mozambique and yet their superiors are failing to understand their situation. This has left them with no choice but to down their tools.

It is not known why the Mozambican suppliers are loading lower quantities of the fuel in the tankers but since Monday, the Malawian drivers in Mozambique have refused to have fuel loaded into their tankers as it has been of lower quantities of which blame will fall back to them eventually.

The development is raising fear amongst people as it might culminate into another shortage of fuel if immediate intervention is not taken.

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