Pika Manondo, a suspect in the shooting of the ex-Budget Director in the ministry of finance, Paul Mphwiyo, has made a damning revelation that is bent at rousing trouble for President Banda.

Speaking in an interview to a local station yesterday from the premises of the Lilongwe High Court where he had gone to answer charges of money laundering, Manondo said that the truth of the Cashgate will not be known until after President Banda is no longer the head of state.

Pika Manondo who had earlier been said to be a fugitive surrendered himself to the police at the peak of the Mphwiyo shooting and Cashgate arrests and is still in police custody being remanded at a prison in Kasungu.

Yesterday, Manondo was answering charges as an accomplice in the case in which former minister of justice, Raphael Kasambara, is accused of money laundering.

Allegations indicate that the money laundering charges also implicate Oswald Lutepo. Kasambara has since denied the charges.

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  1. Pika Manondo -that is the way-please reveal the truth. The Bible advises us that the truth shall set us free. Say the truth that you know and let Farahad Assani to refute it when he was not in cabinet during the time of of cash gate looting.

  2. Manondo is just lying and is rubbish as far as i look at this it is just a kick of a dying horse if he knows something why doen’t he say it? why waiting for JB to be out of the position? Why he say it now than later? He is just barking and knows nobody it is him and other friends.


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