Following the earlier announcement to the resignation of People’s Party Vice President and Transport Minister Mohammed Sidik Mia, Malawi’s President Joyce Hilda Mtila Banda has this afternoon fired the former PP strongman’s brother, Mr Younos Abdul Karim as Malawi’s ambassador to the oil rich Kuwait Kingdom.

President Joyce Hilda Mtila Banda this afternoon personally called Minister of Foreign Affairs Ephraim Mganda Chiume and Principal Secretary George Mkondiwa to have her decision effected.

A letter has since been written by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as we write, it has landed in the Office of President and Cabinet at Capital Hill for approval.

Despite being a brother to Mohammed Sidik Mia, Mr Younos Abdul Karim has been one of Malawi’s most outstanding ambassadors.

Mia announced this afternoon that he had quit the PP and has so far been linked with a move to MCP. His resignation has come as a shock to both the PP and the nation.

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  1. eye for an eye! Remember TB Joshua told you that its a year of crossing a bridge, some will fall down and some will be victors. Tym is up tangoyamba more to come.

  2. So its tit for tat? Let JB know that decisions she makes out of anger will further weaken PP and waste more taxes. Remember the fired ambassador has a contract.

  3. What has the resignation of Sadik Mia has to do with the Ambassador’s job. The Ambassador has a contract whilst the politician can do anything under the carpet. We are going to pay this ambassador to the neck from our tax. This shows that the PP govt has no direction from now. Dont act on anger. There is the Chasowa case which you are just derailing. Those who murdered him should be brought to book. We are still waiting to see Chantunya being convicted here at home. This is the ground where he murdered that beautiful Gasa gal. The relatives are still watching and still looking forward to justice. Noone should be shielded here coz Malawians will take the law into their hands come that day, I mean you know the day. Justice is coming now its around the corner with what abiti is doing now. She is lost day by day. Kodi remind me guys what did she say at Masintha? God doesn’t goof this get it straight.


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