Raphael Kasambara, the former attorney general and justice minister and PP legal affairs director, will appear in court today to take plea in the case in which he is accused of embezzling money.

Kasambara was arrested on Monday in connection to a transaction that his Ralph and Arnolds Associates entered into with a client to help him buy a house in Area 47 at MK 55 million.

Kasambara has, however, denied the charges claiming at the time that Ralph and Arnolds was doing that he was a minister and not a practising legal practitioner. Besides that, as per constitution of the land indicates, a minister of justice cannot have a legal firm.

Kasambara’s case has been linked to his long time partner Wapona Kita as well as Pika Manondo.

Kasambara was as well today expected to be in court representing some of the Cashgate suspects and it is yet to be seen how he will navigate out his way.

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