The train is slowly gravitating towards May 20, the day of elections and parties have suddenly realised that they have to hustle hard if they are to be in government.

Davies Chester Katsonga’s Chipani Cha Pfuko, apparently one of the briefcase parties in the country, has seen that minus another party, they will not make it into government.

As a result, the party has announced that it is ready to enter into a coalition with any party that is ready to have the welfare of Malawians at heart.

Speaking to journalists yesterday, Katsonga said that the decision had been agreed at a National Executive Committee council of the party and that it was not a one man decision.

When quizzed on which party they were ready to work with, Katsonga was at pains to disclose but just made references to a party of attributes he thought they could work with of which on his list the most important was that of a development-conscious party.

Katsonga once served as a Speaker of Parliament as well as a Minister in various portfolios in both the UDF and DPP regimes. He fel out of favour with the late Mutharika and dumped DPP to found his own party, the Chipani Cha Pfuko (CCP)>

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1 ndemanga

  1. This is a measure of desperation. Coalitions are strategic alliances which must involve equal partners or partnership for strengthening a stronger member in an aspect of weakness. Then is CCF strong or does it have well educated members or what is the purpose of the coalition? What is the manifesto for CCF? Does that manifesto make sense to the other parties? Will CCF be prepared to lose identity in the coalition? Katsonga you are not clever here. Just quit politics.


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